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Discovering Your Purpose
Group Program

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Achieve Your Soul Purpose & Reach Your First Major Milestone in 90 Days or Less!

  • Session 1: Foundations of Transformation
  • Session 2: Emotional Mapping
  • Session 3: Navigating Needs
  • Session 4: Reflective Reality
  • Session 5: Integrative Healing
  • Session 6: Transformation Techniques
  • Session 7: Graduation and Growth

"Getting to know my core values was insightful but understanding my energetic blue print was whole another level. I did not expect half of it, yet it aligned so perfectly with my latest spiritual endeavours, and gave me a sense of meaning and direction. "

Sara Svensson, Founder and CEO at Swan of the North

Sara Svensson ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Living your life with purpose

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empaths, that is dedicated to give their gift to the world and thrive in the process.

Here is how it works:

Every empath, lightworker, and aspiring life coach needs to learn how to transcend emotional pain to ignite the purpose within & then develop soulful leadership to have the strength and capacity to give their gift to the world. We can make this happen for you faster than you may think.
‍LYP Inner Alchemy is my accelerated Group Coaching Program for the committed!

Total Value $7890+ Per Year Investment

Right Now $789
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LYP Inner Alchemy is for you IF:

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⁉️ Your heart is longing to serve a higher cause than merely yourself. Inside you there’s a great vision of being of value to others and help birth a new world built on love, peace, and understanding.

⁉️ You’re done with status quo, exhausted all excuses and you’re ready to do the real work. You know that you will have to push yourself and you’re ready to commit and have the discipline to stay on task.

⁉️ You invest in yourself. This means your time, money, energy, and most importantly your focus.You’re clear that your value as  a guide will be equal to the energy you invest into it.

“Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that your state of consciousness is primary, all else secondary.”
Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth
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LYP Inner Alchemy Includes

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3 months program
7 group session
minimum 3 hours
on zoom
weekly check-ins

That will get you to
Your First Major Milestone in 90 Days or Less!


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All the Videos

All The Inner Alchemy Training Videos. You will have life time access to the video of all the classes you attend.You can return to them anytime you feel misaligned with your unique purpose, or when life feels like a struggle (Valued at $2,000/year)

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All The Tools, Checklists, & Resources

Life time access to all the tools, checklists and resources our clients have used to walk in my footsteps to achieve their purpose, and to fully pursue life mission and passion (Valued at $1,000/year)

Community for LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

Personal Support + Client Community

in the perfect environment to stay focused and on track. All questions get answered in text or video within 24 hours by myself and my team (Valued at $1,000/year)

Meet your Guide & Course Creator

Oscar Nygren Spaceholder, guide, Emotional fitness coach

Oscar Nygren

Oscar has a unique gift of providing you with the strategies you need to make it possible for yourself to find those hidden solutions within. Our conversations gave me something immediately and helped me to handle the process of change in my life.

He leads with questions while he paints a picture for you to help you come to your own conclusions about yourself and where you’re heading. Oscar made me feel truly seen and heard and the trust I feel for him is very special and not something you share on an everyday basis.

Hanna Sofia Lamrini
Hanna Sofia Lamrini






Before I had my first session with Oscar, I felt like I had a lot of baggage, I am a victim of circumstance. I am unfortunate, I am powerless, I am depressed, and  I am distressed.

After our session, I feel that I am powerful and I can let go of any pain. I am very capable. I feel: liberated, joyful, enthusiastic, optimistic, cheerful, triumphant and thankful.

Queen Yaa Bae
Queen Yaa Bae






Oscar is great at listening to you without judging which makes you open up and therefore get to the very root of what’s bothering you.

It’s easy for him to understand what’s going on inside of you and helps you guide yourself to what’s real.

Whenever I was in doubt or needed advice he provided me with the right insights so I could ask myself the right questions

His support and coaching has really helped me in different phases of my life to understand my situation better and to grow into my potential.

Sarah Steiner
Sarah Steiner






(Translated  from Swedish) Oscar is an amazing space-holder in this deep process. With a safe and confident voice, he guides you to a very relaxed state, and from there, he starts an intuitive process where he, in a very professional and supportive way, takes you to the root of your trauma - and lets you face it, heal it and integrate it - followed by a healing transformation. I can really recommend Oscar to guide you through this process.

Marcus Frenell
Marcus Frenell






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LYP program curriculum

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Foundations of Transformation LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

Session 1

  • 📍Welcome & quick Assessment
  • 📍Theory and walk through of method
  • 📍Formation of memories, emotions stuck intime
  • 📍Law of mentalism
  • 📍Rewiring and repatterining
  • 📍Emptying an emotion
  • 📍Body scan, Auric awarenes
  • 📍Invocation, intentions
  • 📍Light experience
  • 📍Q&A and Assignment
Emotional Mapping in the second week LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

DAY 15
Session 2

  • 📍Law of correspondence
  • 📍emotions as keys to memories
  • 📍emotional wheel
  • 📍specific emotions → specific memories
  • 📍fulfilling a need
  • 📍following a feeling
  • 📍Live full Balancing session
  • 📍Q&A and Assignment
Navigating Needs for LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

DAY 30
‍Session 3

  • 📍Exploration of needs (what did you get, what did you need)
  • 📍scale of consciousness
  • 📍Practical Archetypes
  • 📍Grounding a concept
  • 📍Real-world examples
  • 📍Disentangling from Beliefs
  • 📍Playing with a need
  • 📍Q&A and Assignment
Reflective Reality LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

Day 60
‍Session 4

  • 📍Reality as a mirror
  • 📍3rd law of emotions
  • 📍Practical exploration of judgment
  • 📍Unlocking new behavior
  • 📍Releasing emotions held in place by universal laws
  • 📍Allowing Reactionary Anger
  • 📍Q&A and Assignment
Integrative Healing LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

Day 75
‍Session 5

  • 📍Putting it all together
  • 📍Full Balancing Session – choosing situation - emotional exploration
  • 📍Conversations with the inner child
  • 📍Sensing the need and fulfilment
  • 📍Cycling of memories Playing with needs until completion
  • 📍Energetic release
  • 📍Re-patterning
  • 📍Q&A and Assignment
Transformation Techniques LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding

DAY 90
‍Session 6

  • 📍1 on 1 time separately booked with each student before the 6th session
  • 📍Using law of correspondence to find root causes
  • 📍Assessing base vibration improvement
  • 📍Assessing Clients big picture
  • 📍Exploration of scenarios
  • 📍Q&A and Assignment
graduation session from LYP Inner Alchemy by Oscar Nygren at Reality Decoding


  • 📍General Q&A
  • 📍Practical group coaching
  • 📍Course graduation
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How fast can I expect to get results?
A. We have clients that has a massive release and insight on our first call. So your results depend on your ability to follow instructions and take action.

Q. When are the group calls, and how long are they?
A. We have two calls every Thursday at 12 pm and 8 pm CET. They usually last for 3-4 hours, or until everyone has been helped and every question has been answered. All replays are time stamped and added within 48 hours.

Q. Are there any payment plans available?
A. If you’re a good fit, we can definitely figure something out.

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Still not sure this is for you?

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Oscar Nygren from Imperfect Action Youtube channel. Founder of Reality Decoding

Book a
30 minutes
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Emotions might not be unique, but you are and so is the distresses you face in you life. Book a 30 minutes free consultation call with Oscar, to determine what it takes to get you where YOU want to be.