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Impostor Syndrome Workshop on: "Foundations of Self-Acceptance"

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Available Dates:
Thursday, November 23, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Transform Your Self-Doubt into Confidence. Are you trapped in a cycle of perfectionism or Self-doubt?? Discover and dismantle the coping mechanisms fueling your imposter syndrome.

Online workshop for overcoming impostor syndrome

This is a transformational workshop we hold over a zoom call for small groups. We create a space to teach you a practical method for Overcoming your self-doubt and start the practice of Confidence Building.

In this transformative workshop you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the expertise of Oscar Nygren, an Emotional Metamorphosis pioneer. Through a series of insightful exercises and empowering strategies, you'll learn to identify the root causes of your imposter syndrome, dismantle its influence in real-time, and cultivate a mindset of unshakeable self-belief.

Transform Your Self-Doubt into Confidence

Are you struggling with the debilitating effects of imposter syndrome? Are you trapped in a cycle of perfectionism, self-doubt or underselling yourself? Do you find yourself doubting your abilities, questioning your achievements, and feeling like a fraud?

Discover and dismantle the coping mechanisms fueling your impostor syndrome. Dive into the core of your being, where the journey begins with embracing your imperfections and celebrating your victories.

Join us for an immersive workshop designed to help you break free from the shackles of self-doubt and embrace the power of unwavering confidence.

5 clear steps to helping you Transform Your Self-Doubt into Confidence on your Personal development journey

  1. Unmask the Impostor Within: Uncover the telltale signs of imposter syndrome, from the grip of perfectionism to the constant shadow of self-doubt. Recognize the patterns that hold you back and reclaim your true potential.
  2. Unearth the Roots of Your Doubts: Delve into the underlying causes of impostor feelings, exploring how personal experiences and ingrained beliefs shape your perceptions. Uncover the hidden narratives that fuel your self-doubt and rewrite them with empowering truths.
  3. Craft Your Personalized Battle Plan: Equip yourself with powerful strategies to confront imposter syndrome head-on. Learn practical techniques to dismantle its influence in real-time, silencing the inner critic and reclaiming your self-assurance.
  4. Transcend Coping Mechanisms: Elevate beyond mere coping strategies and embrace a mindset of mastery. Develop a sustainable practice that reinforces your authentic achievements and cultivates inner strength. Discover the resilience to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.
  5. Embrace a Life of true resilience: Step into a reality where confidence is your unwavering companion, no longer a distant dream. Experience the transformative power of Emotional Metamorphosis and unleash your true potential to achieve extraordinary results.

Meet Oscar Nygren, your Instructor

Oscar Nygren, creator of Emotional Metamorphosis

Meet Oscar Nygren, Your Mentor in Conquering Impostor Syndrome and the architect of the Emotional Metamorphosis method, who will lead you in the Impostor Syndrome workshop. Oscar's journey is not rooted in formal psychology but in a rich tapestry of life experiences, personal research, and intuitive learning.

His approach is grounded in real-world application and the wisdom gleaned from years of exploring the depths of emotional well-being. In this workshop, Oscar brings his unique perspective to help you unravel the narratives of impostor syndrome, guiding you toward self-acceptance and genuine confidence through his innovative techniques and a practical method.

Testimonials from past participants in Impostor Syndrome Workshop on: "Foundations of Self-Acceptance"

This workshop has helped me find my voice and believe in myself. Now I understand why I've been so afraid to share my ideas and opinions. I'm so grateful for this workshop. The only thing that would make it better, would be a follow up workshop to help with progress. Im crossing my fingers and keeping 1 star for that to happen.

I've always been the quiet one in the room, afraid to speak up for fear of being judged. As a result, I missed out on a lot of opportunities.

Emily P.
Emily P.






I recently graduated, and I'm terrified of the job market. I feel like I don't have any skills or experience to offer. This workshop has helped me to recognise my strengths and develop a plan for my future. I'm now more confident in my ability to succeed.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is feeling lost or uncertain about their uniqueness.

John S.
John S.
Recent Graduate






I'm a perfectionist, well, I was. Now I can tell the difference between when I’m taking time for quality or I’m wasting time on perfectionism by assessing my emotions, its an amazing tool.

Anyway it's always held me back. I was constantly afraid of making mistakes. This workshop has taught me to embrace my imperfections and learn from my mistakes. I'm now more productive and less stressed.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who struggles with perfectionism.

David M.
David M.






Transformative Insights from a Life of Exploration

Oscar's method is particularly resonant for those battling impostor syndrome, as it is born from his own journey of self-discovery and extensive explorations into various healing modalities. He emphasizes the power of personal narratives and emotional introspection in overcoming feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

As a mentor, Oscar creates a space of understanding and safety, where participants can explore their emotional landscapes and learn to rewrite the stories that have held them back. His hands-on, empathetic approach makes this workshop not just a learning experience, but a transformative journey towards embracing your true self, free from the doubts and fears of impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome workbook

Your Playbook for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Be sure to download your Impostor Syndrome workbook that you receive in the email after signing up. Unlike most workshops, you’re not here to do some exercises and leave with more questions than when you started.

The goal of impostor syndrome workshops is to give you a tool you can use in everyday life- so you can Transform Your Self-Doubt into Confidence!

The impostor syndrome coping strategies addressed in this workshop


A feeling of Never being satisfied and a need to keep on improving before even testing what is created. Not feeling done and needing more information, over analysis, over improving and postponing things out of the fear of it or oneself not being good enough.

Perfectionism:Setting unrealistically high standards.Leads to anxiety and burnout.    	 Obsessive attention to detail, redoing tasks.New tasks, projects, or roles;feedback.
Imagine completing a project with joy, embracing its perfect imperfections as a reflection of your unique creativity.

Perfectionism toned down

Trusting that what you’re putting out there is of value to others. Celebrating other's uniqueness and creativity therefore praising your own. Having a gentle eye toward your creative process and appreciating the little steps thereby building a consistent momentum of action taking.


That painful feeling of never feeling good enough, comparing oneself against others, feeling jealous towards their accomplishments, and inwardly resentful towards your own perceived shortcomings.

Having a general sense of insecurity and inadequacy therefore not daring to put yourself outside your comfort zone. Resulting in a feeling of stagnation, hopelessness, and depression.

Self-doubt:Lacking confidence in one's own abilities or worthiness.	Can paralyze decision-making and progress, fostering anxiety.Hesitation to commit to decisions, second-guessing oneself.	Faced with decisions, new challenges, or comparisons to others.
Facing new challenges, you feel a wellspring of trust in yourself, knowing you're equipped to succeed.

Self-Doubt Transcended

Being content with yourself and having an inner sense of security. Understanding your own self-worth and feeling appreciative of who you are. Therefore, knowing that you have something of value to offer and daring to offer it without fearing other people's reactions.


A hidden behavior whereby you choose a destructive path because you subconsciously reason that the alternative leads to long-term pain. Usually, because your past memories have a warped conclusion and are therefore filled with unresolved emotional pain.

Self-sabotageEngaging in behaviors or thoughts that hinder one's own success or wellbeing.Leads to a cycle of failure and reinforces negative self-beliefs.	Procrastination, setting oneself up for failure, rejecting opportunities.	Approaching personal goals or when success seems imminent.
You approach new ventures with unwavering purpose, leaving behind the shadows of doubt that once held you back.

Beyond Self-Sabotage

Ability to choose your behaviors in any given situation because you know that you can deal with what life throws at you. Because this is the conclusions your subconscious draws from your newly life affirming rewired memories.

Underselling Oneself

Lowering your own perceived value and standing in the shadows by faulty concluding that what you offer has less value than it has. Resulting in charging less for your services, giving away your time for free, not asking for a raise, or feeling less confident on a job interview or on a date.

Underselling oneselfPresenting oneself or one's abilities as less valuable or competent than they truly are.Prevents full recognition of one's skills, possibly leading to lower self-esteem.Speaking minimally of one's role in successes, attributing outcomes to external factors.	Opportunities for advancement or when sharing accomplishments.
You stand tall, articulating your value without hesitation, your true worth shining through in every word.

No Longer Underselling

Feeling that what you offer is valuable, whether it is your time, services, or companionship, therefore not putting others on a pedestal, but rather feeling that you are of equal worth. This generally being characterized by not taking life or other people so seriously and being able to interact from a place of delight and heartily laugh at human folly.


Looking at who you are and what you offer as not being special. Therefore downplaying your own self-worth. Resulting in not making an impact on others and having a sense of being forgotten or disregarded. Usually caused by being overly humble and having resentment against prideful, bragging, and rude people.

Self-deprecation:Minimizing one's abilities or achievements out of modesty or to deflect praise.Erodes self-confidence and can lead to missed opportunities.	Downplaying success, deflecting compliments.Receiving praise or recognition.
You share your triumphs with ease, feeling the weight of humility without tipping the scales into self-diminishment.

Self-Deprecation Free

Appreciating who you are and feeling that what you offer is valuable. Therefore, interacting with the world from a place of balance. Resulting in conversations that are filled with a sense of delight where a playful banter and teasing can fill up the space. Fostering an environment of dynamic exchange that fills both parties with wellbeing without anyone being offended by taking things too seriously.

Join Us and Discover Your Authentic Self

This immersive workshop is an invitation to shed the weight of self-doubt and embrace the boundless possibilities that await you. With Oscar Nygren's expert guidance, you'll uncover the path to unwavering confidence, transforming your personal development journey into a remarkable symphony of self-discovery and empowerment.

Why We Fail to Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence

The path to overcoming self-doubt is often obscured by our subconscious adherence to old patterns and a lack of deep emotional insight. We fail because we haven't learned how to navigate the intricate maze of our past experiences, societal expectations, and self-imposed narratives that tell us we aren't good enough.

Without understanding the roots of our impostor syndrome and how our emotions play into it, we continue to circle in a loop of self-doubt, unable to break free and realize our full potential.

How to Go from Impostor Syndrome to Transforming Self-Doubt into Confidence

Transitioning from the shadows of impostor syndrome to the light of confidence requires more than surface-level changes; it demands a profound Emotional Metamorphosis. This transformational process involves recognizing and dismantling limiting beliefs, embracing vulnerability as a strength, and rewriting the emotional scripts that govern our lives.

Through this workshop, Oscar Nygren will guide you through the stages of Emotional Metamorphosis, equipping you with the techniques and insights to not just cope with impostor syndrome, but to rise above it and foster a durable sense of self-confidence.

Do what you’re doing now, or...

Yes, as the famous saying goes, if you keep doing the same thing, you get the same results. So, do you want to maintain the status quo, or are you ready to take action and step into a new realm of possibility? Embrace the change. Take your first step towards a life where confidence is your foundation, not a distant dream. Join us for an enlightening journey with Oscar Nygren to transform self-doubt into unwavering self-confidence. The moment to rewrite your story is now.

Take the first step today and register for this transformative imposter syndrome workshop.

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