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Soul Blueprint

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Oscar Nygren

Your soul’s blueprint is the key to decoding your unique reality

You, as a soul, have a unique blueprint. It contains the codes and the specific sequences you need to follow to activate the inherent gifts within your being. Awareness of your blueprint and the specific karmic patterns and shadow sides that you decided to take on to raise the frequencies of the collective consciousness. It is the first step to aligning with your life's grand purpose.

Life journey is easier with a map

Just for a second, imagine you had a map to your soul. On this map Is every obstacle, every hiccup, and every shortcut shown. Then imagine that as you move your gaze over this intricate map, how realizations about the patterns in your life come flushing in like an avalanche. Imagine how you became aware of how close you've been to the treasures you've been seeking and what deceptive trap steered you off your path. And imagine how just seeing this awakens the higher blissful states of your mind, where you can't help but laugh at the comedy of what has previously been seen as the biggest heartaches of your life.


This is equivalent to immersing you into the ever-unfolding journey of the gene keys. It's the ultimate map of your soul's genetic makeup. Not just as biological beings but as cosmic star children. Who took upon them a sacred mission and specific challenges that only they could do. To catapult the collective evolution of humanity into an age of ever-unfolding love and expansion. Where this soul, simply by contemplating the sacred wisdom that the gene keys offer, becomes awakened to its holy purpose in life.

Attitude of light

The gene keys speak of the specific attitudes that cause epigenetic change to the inner environment of our cells. These are changes that directly program our DNA to expand and contract. Changes that might seem insignificant, but contain the whole secret to a life lived in bliss and reverence or dullness and decay.

When your DNA expands, it lets in and emits more light. A light that makes your entire genome bask in joy and lightness. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and triggers your cells to self-repair. In the same way, the opposite happens when the DNA contracts. It activates your sympathetic nervous system and shuts out the"lightness" from entering your being, which is the same thing as being cut off from source on a soul level.


Gene Keys will be a guide

Imagine a planet that no longer had a sun to shine upon it. Such a planet is cold and barren, with only a fraction of life left in its core. This is the equivalent of what just a shift in attitude can do to our entire genetic makeup. Thus, understanding these specific attitudes and what triggers them is of utmost importance. And this is precisely what the gene key makes you do.

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Your soul’s blueprint is the key to decoding your unique reality