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Oscar Nygren

Great stories and myths tell of heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses. These beings, depicted as all-powerful in their unique way, are used by the movie industry to tap into the subconscious cellular memory of a long-forgotten time.

Role models are everywhere. We see them as TV personalities, movie stars, influencers, and amazing artists. The Internet is today flooded with people who achieve extraordinary qualities, sing like angels, and have bodies like gods.


The hero within

We marvel at these people who, for us, represent the correct way of being, and kids might fill their whole rooms with posters of their idols. They do not stay stuck in the illusion of separateness, but rather, in their adoration, a fierce spark is awakened. These kids want to become their idols, and they do believe that it's possible. It is only the influence of an adult who sees the futility in that kid's adoration that can kill the spark.

We as adults need to remember that we praise those heroes because, in essence, we see an image of ourselves living our fullest potential. And if we make the leap in our mind where we transcend the veil of fantasy and step into embodiment. We will awaken the dormant potential encoded within our genes and become the hero of our own story.


Quantum Entanglement

So, what is the difference between the adult and the child? Whilst the adult may get stuck unconsciously marveling from a distance, something else happens in the kid. Adults have a filter that makes them, and what they long to be, two separate things. For the young unconditioned mind, there is an innately felt connectedness with whom they adore.

The Nobel prize in physics 2022 went to two men who proved what Einstein named "spooky action at a distance,” what he referred to as the phenomenon called quantum entanglement.

In simple terms, what Quantum Entanglement dictates is that whole objects that are separated from each other are entangled at a distance. Thus, one change in the first half causes an instant opposite change in the other half, no matter how far apart they are. Hence, it overrules the principle of the speed of light and proves that separateness in itself is just an illusion.

Since we all were intimately connected as one singularity before the universe sprang into life and created time and space, which are illusions. We are all connected at this moment to all there is and all there has ever been.

Find your archetype

This means that you and whom you adore. Whether it is a god, influencer, mythical creature, passed away loved one, a fairy, dragon, or a tree, are intimately connected and share a bond that cannot be broken, only forgotten or ignored. And all you have to do is to think of this being and consciously sense its presence to be enveloped by its particular frequency.

The more frequently you tune to them, the more will your mind and body start to adapt to match the frequency of your adoration. Consequently, the child who has their whole mind absorbed by their adoration will eventually become what they most of all cherish. This is the power of role models.

Shadow archetype

The problem with today's society is that the purity of being that these idols represent is often distorted. A famous singer is an addict, an influencer does extensive beauty surgery, a fashion icon is a shopaholic, and so forth. Therefore, their role modeling causes the people who adore them to do the same thing in searching for the happiness that they think it will bring. In the long run, it causes a uniform society where people walk around like copies of one another, and no true sense of uniqueness and inner fulfillment is achieved.

As a society, we are in dire need of archetypes that are the pure expression of what actually exists as sparks of potential in our genes. These are archetypes that, through their essence, remind us of a balanced human being. A being who lives with an open heart and curious mind, truly capable of forever altering the self-centered course of our society and steering us into a miraculous future.

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Archetypes are the missing link to merge with the fullest expression of your higher self