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Emotional Metamorphosis

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Oscar Nygren

The quality of your life energetically, depends on your interaction with your emotions

Your external life is a mirror of your inner beliefs. And what fuels your beliefs are your thoughts combined with an emotional charge. So, to rewire a belief, we need to morph the emotion from a disempowering to an empowering state. When we do this, we craft a new story that causes us to perceive life from a higher perspective and thus have access to more internal power.

In short: flip your story- flip your scene.

Your body has the capacity to heal itself  

Through your awareness alone your body has the capacity to heal itself. It is a human right that's been completely forgotten and distorted through humanity's desperation to remedy something with a pill, which in essence is an Auric psycho-emotional disturbance on a higher level. A disturbance that is mirrored in the body with specific hormonal imbalances and uncontrolled muscle contractions that we've collectively decided to name pain.  

In our desperation to escape this uncomfortable feeling or dis-ease, we've come up with the most diverse options imagined: distracting our awareness from actually doing what it does best; which is healing our body by following our pain to the main source of origin.

By simply daring to dive deep into the pain, realizations about your life that you previously had no clue about, will flood your consciousness. And in so doing, start to diminish the pain simply because it's no longer needed. Since its purpose was all along just to be there for your awareness to have a point of reference. Where to direct your curious eyes to unravel the mystery your body detected through its pain receptors.

The Illusion of Maya

During an emotional metamorphosis, you follow the emotional undercurrents to the very source of its Auric origin with all its associated events, people, places, and situations; they all point to one thing. Everything happens for a reason, and nothing or no one in your life is against you. Rather, it all is happening for you. For you to shed all the layers that have held your higher self trapped in the emotional entropy that caused your soul to feel disconnected from its true source of origin. Your soul has lived innumerable lifetimes and collected karmic residue that is now playing out in the patterns of your relationship to all things that exist in life. This is called the Maya, and the only way to escape it is to truly see it for what it is, an illusion.


Empowerment agency

When you apply emotional metamorphosis to how the Maya have trapped you in these karmic cycles, something magical happens. What previously masqueraded as the most heart-aching pain becomes a source of true empowerment and newfound awareness. An awareness that penetrates your life with a birds-eye view perspective that ends the illusion and catapults your soul into ever-unfolding heart-warming expansion.

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Tailor-fit Your Solution

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Emotions might not be unique, but you are and so is the distresses you face in you life. We offer a 30 minutes free consultation call with Oscar, to determine what it takes to get you where YOU want to be.

The quality of your life energetically, depends on your interaction with your emotions