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Embodying your unique design puts you into a state of flow with the universe

a Neuron in blue light

Just as your organs perform a specific function in your body. You, as a human being, operate and perform a particular role in the human collective. Knowing this design and practically living according to its parameters puts you into a state of flow with the universe. It also ends all self-judgment and comparisons that tell you to be someone you're not. We are all created equal, but it does not mean that all of us are good at the same things. Also, when you know your design, you gain access to design your life.


Ra Uru Hu

Ra uru hu face with cap on and tree in background

In 1982 something extraordinary took place. In a little hut in Ibiza, a man received a message that catapulted the evolution of humankind into an age of cosmic enlightenment. For eight days and nights with his dog sleeping by his side, this man was held in a light that dictated every word in what is now known as human design. 

This event culminated in how ageless wisdom passed down for millennia became synthesized in one cohesive encompassing understanding. An understanding that has a direct practical impact on anyone who decides to appreciate the depth of who they are and how they were made to operate in the world.

In practical terms, it is a synthesis of astrology, I Ching, the Hindu chakra system, and Kabbalah, where these immortal systems are weaved together in a beautiful mosaic. A mosaic that can, in precise detail, describe who you are and what specific mechanisms and strategies you were made to apply. To tune to the rhythm of the universe and tap into the natural and effortless flow in your life.

The human design types

a Human body in muscles sitting in meditation position and mandala of flowers in background

Your type will reveal your unique decision-making strategy, which, if you don't apply, causes life to feel like a struggle and like you never really get that break you so deserve.

Furthermore, human design teaches us how unique we are as individuals; what works for you doesn't necessarily work for someone else. It teaches us the skill of discernment. How we make decisions that are in line with our design, and therefore, how to quickly spot the "mind traps” that cause us to stay stuck in circles of disempowerment.

It is also said that simply seeing your chart, whether you understand how it works or not, causes an energetic shift. Where your soul will unconsciously adapt to the design and gradually adjust your life in the direction of what you, as your higher self decided for this lifetime.


The human design system

a human design graph with all centers defined in iching circle

The Human Design system reaches all aspects of your life. From the most esoteric philosophy that governs the very highest planes of existence, down to what type of food you should eat and where you should live to feel your body buzzing with energy.

It has been given to us this time by the higher realms that are inconceivable by our human senses. Because we right now as a collective race, stand on the brink of a cosmic jump in consciousness. A jump that will forever alter the course of collective human evolution and catapult us into a magical era of mind-bending wonders and extraordinary achievements.

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Emotions might not be unique, but you are and so is the distresses you face in you life. We offer a 30 minutes free consultation call with Oscar, to determine what it takes to get you where YOU want to be.

Embodying your unique design puts you into a state of flow with the universe