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Laws of the universe

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Introduction to The Universal Laws

Definition of the spiritual laws

Just like physical laws govern our material life, universal laws govern all life's code of conduct. And any violation of a law causes a negative impact on the bioenergetic field that surrounds and protects a human being from outside influences.

Importance of understanding spiritual laws

So understanding a universal spiritual law is as important as knowing that the law of gravity exists so you don't accidentally harm yourself by jumping off a cliff. But contrary to gravity's direct detection, a universal law operates in the subtle realm; thus, how it manifests usually is visible when an inevitable time cycle has passed.

The 7 Spiritual laws of the universe

  • The Law of Love
  • The Law of Manifestation
  • The Law of Polarity
  • The Law of Evolution
  • The Law of Correspondence 
  • The Law of Harmony
  • The Law of Nature

The Law of Love

What is the law of Love

Love as a law is the ultimate wisdom.

It is the archive of the essence of the self.

All is Love, and Love is all.

How does the law of Love work?

When Love is comprehended, it becomes the foundation for everything that unfolds, and gaining a true understanding of it liberates us from all events; nothing more can happen in the physical realm because the process of Evolution has reached its pinnacle.

By fully understanding that all that happens and all that is felt is Love is to be liberated from all suffering. It is the ultimate peace that completely transcends any tendency of victimhood.

Examples of how the law of Love applies to everyday life

Applying this inalienable principle within our mental stance gives us a light to steer towards in the most brutal storms. If Love is all there is, then anything that hurts must be Love too. Thus keeping this in mind makes us seek to follow the "light in the tunnel" to emerge on the other side.

And when we can see the hardships of our life through the lens of Love, what seems like a problem becomes a challenge, and what is a challenge is a learning opportunity, and we are all here to experiment and learn new things. So, instead of being afraid, enjoy seeing how the solutions beautifully unfold across the cycle of time.

We can begin living in Love in daily life when we respect all living beings and their functions, experiences, and behaviors. And to stop all opinions, judgments, criticizing, or blaming and let go of the idea of the existence of evil, once and for all.

The Law of Manifestation

Meaning of the law of Manifestation

Manifestation is the act of the unmanifested. This law is the law that allows everything to manifest.

How does the law of Manifestation work?

Everything that will ever be needed is already existing in the unmanifest. And your thinking is the sensing instrument that taps into what already exists but is unseen.

Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The faster something goes, the harder it is to see, just like an aircraft propeller is seen when idle but invisible when moving at full speed.

Examples of how the law of Manifestation applies to everyday life

Everything that has ever been created from the beginning of time until its end already exists in the unmanifest. It means that any solution you seek to any challenge is there for you to tap into. But to do so, you need to tune your thoughts to the frequency of your solution deliberately.

Once you start to receive what you plan on creating, you start making the picture clear enough until it is a complete mental vision with a mind of its own. When it reaches this threshold, new complementary mental bits will gravitate to it because of the force of attraction created by its mental mass. Finally, when you feel your vision is formulated and clarified, it has reached that critical mass and is ready to be implemented.

A man who was an expert at this was Nikola Tesla. He test-drove all the machines in his mind and replaced the parts that weren't working before he built them. As a result, he is responsible for having many, if not the most, patents in modern history.

The Law of Polarity

What is The Law of Polarity

Every creation has a masculine principle (transmitter) and a feminine principle (receiver).

The ear is feminine, and the voice is masculine.

How does the law of Polarity work?

Creation requires both principles to be in play. The voice or the sperm is transmitted, and the ear or the ovum receives it. Just like for an out-breath, there must be an in-breath.

Examples of how the law of Polarity applies to everyday life

If you breathe in all the time or consume information, your life will remain the same because you are never breathing out by producing what you synthesized from the information you've received. Thus you keep piling on new information until you become saturated and must start lightening the load by emitting it.

It means that for life to flow, you must breathe in and out continuously; otherwise, there will be no capacity to move forward because you run out of air either way.

The Law of Evolution

What is The Law of Evolution

Consciousness is only developed through the interaction of opposites.

How dose the law of Evolution work?

The world is perceived as dual until it is no longer necessary. It means that what is messy and what is beautiful are two sides of the same coin, so to grasp the absolute wonder of the whole coin, one must perceive both sides.

Examples of how the law of Evolution applies to everyday life

In everyday life, it means whatever challenging circumstance you're in, for whatever reason, is there to antagonize you enough for you to search for a solution to what makes you suffer.

The solution will be for your ego personality to recognize that the parts you're unwilling to accept in others are what you're reluctant to accept within yourself. And then to understand that the duality you feel within is only an illusion built by your unconscious beliefs.

When you take full responsibility and feel both sides within yourself, a state of inner balance and equanimity is achieved. Then nothing can happen around you that disturbs your state of balance.

The Law of Correspondence

Meaning of the law of correspondence

Every circumstance is generated by oneself.

How does the law of correspondence work?

For whatever reason and without it being your conscious intention, You are the creator of your life experiences regardless of whether they are pleasant or not.

It means that there are no victims nor perpetrators, and whatever you experience has one purpose only. For you to learn and evolve.

Examples of how the law of correspondence applies to everyday life

Any blame you put on the outside causes you to violate this law because you are not taking responsibility for your own life. This puts you in a state of victimhood that depletes you of vital energy from the inside. 

The Law of Harmony

What is the law of Harmony?

The energy that is emitted into the universe has a reciprocal nature; it acts, reacts, and eventually returns.

In essence, you reap what you sow. 

How does the law of Harmony work?

Any way you interact with the world puts things into motion. So, whatever thought, word, or action you take will interact with the outside world and return to impact you in the same way as you set it into motion.

Examples of how the law of Harmony applies to everyday life

Practically this means that if you, by your thoughts, words, and deeds, disqualify others who attempt to change or are changing their life for whatever reason. You must, by universal principles, be subject to the same thing. Thus you will unwillingly self-sabotage because you sabotage others by what you think, say, or do. 

So, to stay in Harmony with this law, we must respect everyone around us like it is ourselves. After all, we're in this together.

The Law of Nature

What is the law of Nature?

All complementary things attract each other. 

How does the law of Nature work?

You, like everything in Nature, vibrate. It means that the underlying vibrational frequency you carry pulls in people, objects, and places to your life with the same frequency. 

Examples of how the law of Nature applies to everyday life

There are two ways to change your frequency: 

1. Emotional Metamorphosis

Recognize and dismantle your emotional limitations by detecting and staying with the subtle vibrations of discomfort.

2. Role modeling

Start to associate with other people or change your surroundings to one that represents the frequency of those who have what you want, so your frequency can adapt. 

Implications of Understanding Spiritual Laws

Personal growth and transformation

By acknowledging that these laws exist and doing our best to abide by their rules, an immediate process begins where our soul adapts its frequency to accommodate the new information. It all starts on a higher mental or archetypal level and filters down into our mental, emotional, and, finally, physical world. 

No one can say how fast a process will be since our mind needs to fill in all the gaps and synthesize the new information with what we already know. As well as discarding all the misconceptions it has accumulated from operating out of faulty assumptions.

To shed layers of our personality and replace them with truth is painful because the inpouring of pure light from universal knowledge highlights our shadows and mistakes in the human code of conduct. And to see our own errors and unconscious failures is painful. But that pain is just there to guide us to the dark places we've pushed away so it can finally be transformed into light.

Building deeper relationships

Relationships are one of the most critical parts of our lives, and ultimately, we will understand that our most important relationship is with ourselves. And we will only be able to bring the best of ourselves to others if we have recognized, affirmed, and internalized the best in ourselves.

From the recognition that you are your own sovereign being and so is everyone else, with inalienable rights, a deeper, more fruitful relationship can be formed based on mutual understanding and appreciation for the magnificent adventure life constitutes.

Finding purpose and meaning in life

Following these laws will bring us to our purpose because the most profound goal of the human experience is to understand and learn what it means to be human. And then, to joyfully and in the most loving manner, transcend this realm by following the game's rules.

Summing up purpose in two principles:

- True happiness comes from finding contentment within oneself without relying on external factors to experience peace and joy.

- Loving one's neighbour as oneself involves recognizing and honoring all beings' inherent worth and dignity in the cosmos and respecting their rights.

And the journey towards completing these two principles is what every incarnated human shares.

Recap of the spiritual laws covered

Law of Love

All is Love, and Love is all

Treat all with Love, and all will treat you with Love

Law of Manifestation

Manifestation is the act of the unmanifest

Your thinking is the sense organ that picks up all that is and will ever exist in the unmanifest.

Law of Polarity

Every creation has a masculine principle (transmitter) and a feminine principle (receiver).

Both principles are required for creation to occur. The sperm and ovum are needed to create a human being. The ear is necessary to hear the sound of our voice.

Law of Evolution

Consciousness is only developed through the interaction of opposites.

You will only appreciate the light if you have experienced darkness.

Law of correspondence

Every circumstance is generated by oneself

For whatever reason, you are the creator of everything in your life. And everything that happens serves as a learning experience for expanding your consciousness.

Law of Harmony

Everything that is sent out acts, reacts, and returns.

What you sow is what you reap. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are the seeds you sow. So make sure they carry the character you want to reap.

Law of Nature

All complementary things attract each other. 

Your vibration pulls people, places, and objects of similar quality toward you.

This law has also been popularised as the law of Attraction, starting in the first edition of the movie "the secret," where Abraham Hicks presents it through Ester Hicks. 

Importance of incorporating spiritual laws into our lives

As you can see, these laws affect every bit of our life regardless of whether we want it. So all people are at the mercy of how they operate.

Earth is a spiritual school formulated so that nobody will ever get what isn't meant for them, and all that is happening is fair and equal to where everyone is.

To take this to heart is to liberate oneself from all that is occurring in the outside world and eliminate all internal suffering.

There may be nothing that you can do to prevent an unexpected circumstance from occurring. Still, by understanding and applying spiritual laws, you can use them to your advantage.

After all, when you start to live by these principles, life will show its absolute best sides, and nothing or no one will be able to move the peace you feel inside.

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