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Energy Levels

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What Are Energy Levels?


David R.Hawkins, MD., PhD., pioneered a consciousness scale, reflecting the energy tied to human emotions. This unique logarithmic gauge, which scales from 1 to 1000, offers insights into human experiences, guiding personal transformation journeys.

He introduced the concept of energy levels in his famous book, Power vs. Force. Dr. Hawkins -is highly recognized for his unique research on issues of spirituality, well-being, and emotional fitness.

During his distinguished career, he found innovative ways of using advanced scientific concepts such as chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics to make sense of human behaviour.

Dr. Hawkins proved that human emotions have measurable energy that can nourish or destroy cell life.

Your consciousness vibrates at certain frequencies, representing an energy level. These levels are directly linked to emotions, beliefs, and behaviours. Higher levels promise a richer, more positive life experience. Dr. David Hawkins’ research demonstrated how someone's log level, the amount of measurable energy in their magnetic field, rises as positive emotions increase and decreases as negative emotions increase.

Dr. Hawkins' logarithmic scale ranges between 1 and 1000. The scale is called logarithmic because it increases by the power of 10. The lower levels on the scale represent negative states such as shame and guilt, while the higher levels represent positive states such as love and enlightenment.

David Hawkins discovered that negative emotions like anger, shame, and despair corresponded with the death of cells which, in turn, negatively affected people's physical health. As a result, he concluded that staying emotionally fit was crucial not just for its own sake but to preserve our physical health.

Dr. David Hawkins' Energy Spectrum


A quick glimpse into the 17 tiers in Hawkins' framework:


1-200:Predominantly negative emotions like shame, guilt, and fear.

200-310:Transition to positive realms with courage, willingness, and reason.

310-1000:The epitome of positive vibrations; love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.


What is Your Energy Level?

There are a total of 17 different energy levels. Each of those energy levels has a corresponding calibration on the logarithmic scale.

There is also a wide range of emotions associated with every energy level, and each has its primary drive and rate of happiness.

As you read through these levels, you will discover that you resonate with some more than others. This is because our lives are not static–they are constantly changing and adapting to different circumstances. Most often, we find ourselves oscillating on a spectrum between different energy levels. In this case, various aspects of life make us behave from a certain energy level depending on the stories we gathered for that specific pattern.

Elevating Your Energy Level: How-to Guide for Personal Development

Elevating your energy level translates to enriched well-being. Adopt the strategies below and witness profound shifts in your life's quality, given enough time:


1. CherishPositivity: Regularly engage in joyous activities and maintain gratitude.

2. EmbraceMindfulness: Ground yourself in the present, observing thoughts and emotions without judgment.

3.Meditate: A conduit to higher energy and deeper self-awareness. Explore and find your fit.

4.Reconnect with Nature: Nature’s serene beauty can elevate your vibrational energy. Take moments to relish it.

5. PositiveCircles: Associate with uplifting and positive individuals; they significantly impact your energy vibrations.


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The knowledge of energy levels is not meant to be a competitive tool that gives you the window to boast about how better you are compared to others.It is merely a guide that will show you where you are now and where the nextstep lies in your elevation. Emotions will always come and go, but when you find yourself in a stable mood most of the time, that is when you know you have reduced the oscillation of your mind and settled on a specific energy level.

Keep reading to discover which energy level you are currently on:

  1. Shame (20), Rate of happiness: 1%
  2. Guilt (30), Rate of happiness: 4%
  3. Apathy (50), Rate of happiness: 5%
  4. Grief (75), Rate of happiness: 9%
  5. Fear (100), Rate of happiness: 10%
  6. Desire (125), Rate of happiness: 10%
  7. Anger (150), Rate of happiness: 12%
  8. Pride (175), Rate of happiness: 22%
  9. Courage (200), Rate of happiness: 55%
  10. Neutrality (250), Rate of happiness: 60%
  11. Willingness (310), Rate of happiness: 68%
  12. Acceptance (350), Rate of happiness: 71%
  13. Reason (400), Rate of happiness: 79%
  14. Love (500), Rate of happiness: 89%
  15. Joy (540), Rate of happiness: 96%
  16. Peace (600), Rate of happiness: 100%
  17. Enlightenment (700-1000), Rate of happiness: At this point Happiness is irrelevant.

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