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The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions Explained

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The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions Explained, The Wheel is included. By Oscar Nygren & Sara Svensson, Copyright Edition November 2023
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Download The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions for free. This unique tool is designed to illustrate the duality and balance within our emotional spectrum. The Wheel of Emotions we have created for Emotional Metamorphosis gives you the ability to understand the polarity of any Feeling.

Dive Into the World of Emotions Like Never Before!

Hey there! Ready for a journey into the heart of your emotions? Grab our eBook, "The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotion Explained," and get ready to explore your feelings in a whole new way. This isn't your average emotional guide – it's a deep dive into understanding and balancing your feelings with a unique twist!

Inside, You'll Discover

When you request the FREE E-book, you will also get a printable quality version of the Symmetrical Emotional Wheel.
  • A cool, colorful emotional wheel that's not just about looking pretty – it's about understanding the opposites and balances in your emotions.
  • Easy-to-follow sections from understanding the basics to diving into practical daily uses.
  • Insightful tips and articles that will take your emotional intelligence from 'meh' to 'wow'!

Files you will receive in the email

✅ JPG: Image The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions

✅ PDF: Mobile optimized The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions Explained E-book

✅ PDF: US LETTER size printable The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions Explained E-book

Printable version i A4 size on the way!

We are working on creating printable version of e-book in A4 size, once you download this version you will automatically receive updates anytime they are available (unless you unsubscribe before that of course).

Had never seen the symmetrical one before, thank you and also thank you for the book it is very informative and useful.

You shouldn't create a printable version, it's waste of paper. I printed the Wheel file I got and that is enough in my opinion.

Sarah M.
Sarah M.






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The Symmetrical Wheel of Emotions Explained E-book Index

  • Introduction
  • The Unique Wheel of Emotions by Reality Decoding
  • Understanding the Wheel
  • The intensity or various manifestations of Emotions
  • How to Use the Wheel
  • DIY Practical Applications
  • Additional Tips and Insights
  • Link to Related Workshop
  • Link to Related Articles
  • Contact Information
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