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Who am I, and why am I here?

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What is my purpose?

This must’ve been the most central question for any sentient being who became aware of their existence.

Frustratingly, however, were the answers we received from our peers and society because they knew as little as we knew. And even though they've tried to explain it with fancy rational theories, it always left the seeker feeling unfulfilled by the answers they received.

Thus, it is no wonder that religious beliefs and mystical traditions offered a solution or a direct cure to mitigate the sadness and longing for the answer to a seemingly impossible question. What is God's purpose for my life and why am I here

This is not meant to be an article of faith. Nor is it meant to ridicule anyone who found their sense of security in church doctrine or other religious beliefs. It is, however, an invitation. An invitation to go deeper and explore the way mechanisms that make us tick.

Understanding God's purpose for your life Is a somewhat comforting pursuit 

Because it offers the human mind a quest that goes above any other endeavors. A quest that stays with us and doesn't go away because it simply is immaterial and, therefore, immortal.

It is indeed a more positive and uplifting perspective than: Life has no purpose. Because not having something that causes us to bounce up every morning filling us with excitement, passion, and meaning depletes us of energy, and turns the world grey.

Now, it doesn't matter what that something is. But if it's something material, it has a time stamp. In other words, your source of happiness is volatile to any outside circumstance that causes whatever you treasure to change. And although it is painful, change is the only real constant in life.

So, should everyone strive for an ideal that is higher than themselves? Well, everything has its timing and that means it depends on:

Do you feel your purpose is missing?

And when I say your purpose, I mean precisely that. You do have a purpose; how do I know? Because all of us do.

Throughout your life, there's been a red line that has propelled you. Some activities that may exhaust others have filled you with insurmountable energy, and some causes that people consider trivial fill you with virtue and strength. These are indicators that inside of you exists a mission. And this mission, as soon as you tap into it, becomes an endless source of inspiration.

So, however "out there" or perhaps self-evident, it sounds. There might exist a way to fulfilling God's purpose for your life. But perhaps not in the way you've been told, but in how you naturally are. And by you, I mean the entirety of you—body, heart, mind, and spirit.

The red line I mentioned earlier symbolizes these key spheres operating in unison. And as they synchronize their energy, they emit a frequency, or as we know it, an attitude. This attitude is your base frequency meaning It is the consolidation and the average of all other frequencies you emit.

If you've ever heard the sentence: God is keeping score. This is what it means. It doesn't matter what you do. All that matters is the frequency when you do it and how long you emit that frequency. In other words, there might be a simple answer to knowing God's purpose for your life.

Emit the very highest of vibration for as long duration as possible. By doing this, you became a beacon that, through your very existence, raises the base frequency of the whole planet. And perhaps the entire universe. After all

Believing in the universe instead of God is two sides of the same coin

How do I know? Because the “uni”  “verse” is the unification of all the verses. It is the sum total of all the frequencies in existence that becomes the one frequency.

to cite John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word (frequency), and the word was with god.”

So, you are an immortal frequency that is contributing your song to the harmony of the universe. The world gets a little better every time you sound your unique, individuated voice (word). So: make the most of what you've been given

Start by figuring out your purpose. That way, you will clearly know what your unique expression is and what lessons need to be learned. Lessons that, when fully understood, transmutes the shadow frequencies in your being and release your unique gifts into the world.

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